Monday, October 8, 2012

Mission: Organization {vacuum closet}

I had been waiting to organize my vacuum closet until I was able to find the plastic "drawers" to keep all the little random things in (batteries, screws, outlet covers, etc) on sale. Is "vacuum closet" a good name for it? I don't really know what else to call it. Anyway, I finally found a couple drawer bins at Target yesterday for a decent price, so I got to work organizing. I actually took a before picture this time, too. I knew I would be organizing the closet soon, so a lot of things just got thrown in there recently... which makes it look so much worse! Haha.



Don't mind the little vacuum-obsessed sweetie in the last picture ;] He seriously asks to vacuum at least several times a day. What a good helper!

So all I bought were the two drawer bins and the big plastic bin on the top shelf. I put all the extra lightbulbs and garbage bags in that bin. The cost was close to $10 which is more than I've spent on any other organizing project, but those drawer bins are not cheap! Oh well. One more thing organized! And I've been working oh-so-very-hard on the guest room upstairs. All the baby clothes and "stuff" are organized... yay! The room is almost clean. I didn't take a before picture of that... oops. I think my urge to organize/clean is so spontaneous that I forget to take a picture before hand. And by the time I do remember, I don't even feel like taking a picture for fear that I will lose my motivation or get distracted by something else!

My tea is calling my name...!

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