Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{ 28 / 29 weeks }

And here is it, the third trimester! We're on the homestretch, baby!

I had an appointment with my midwife last Monday. {Mostly} everything looks great! I'm still having issues with ketones being in my urine and we aren't really sure why. I'm sure it's from not taking in as many calories as I "should" be... but it's very hard when you don't have a big appetite.

I've also been having SPD issues... SPD is basically where you have too much of the relaxin hormone in your body and it makes your joints feel super loose. It hurts, a LOT. There are some days when I just want to tie my legs together at the knees so I don't have to move my hips. It basically like someone took a sledgehammer to my pelvis...not fun. I typically have a pretty high pain tolerance but this is definitely the worst I've felt (yes, worse than Ryan's labor/birth!). Going up/down stairs, walking, sitting, putting on pants, stepping over something, carrying things, picking up Ryan... simple, every day "life" things have become pretty painful. If it isn't one thing, it's another, huh? I must just be meant to have pregnancies that are... interesting.

The nausea has lessened to an extent but it's still around, here and there. I've been nauseous most of the day today, and night time has been pretty awful. Baby, you are so worth this! But that doesn't make it "fun" or easy.

I was up a 1/2lb at my last appointment, so still 3lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight. Blood pressure was good, like 108/70 or something like that. She also did the gestational diabetes test, which I kicked in the pants ;] Instead of having to drink that nasty glucose beverage (oofta, that made me so nauseous last time), I got to eat 18 jelly beans. They've been tested to have the same amount of sugar and it's a more "pleasant" thing to eat. It still wasn't the most enjoyable (I'm not a huge fan of sweets/jelly beans), but it was way more tolerable than the awful orange drink! Then we waited an hour and my midwife checked my blood (finger poke). The blood sugar needed to be below 140 (but she prefers 130), and it was 102. We were kind of wondering if maybe the GD test number was high if it would give us an idea of what's going on with the ketones in my urine, but that obviously has nothing to do with it.

I went to go into the lab and get my blood drawn yesterday. My midwife tried to draw my blood again at this last appointment and my veins are just too difficult! Their urine tests are more sensitive so maybe it will give us some insight on the ketones. Otherwise if I continue to have issues with it, she may want me to see a regular OB to make sure she isn't missing something. I'm hoping to avoid that... but if it happens, it happens.

The birth is starting to feel so much more real... I was given a list of things to purchase! It's so surreal. I think it will feel that way until I'm in labor. Or until the baby is here :] But it's starting to become very, very real and I am SO excited!!

I was hoping to post a picture this time, but every time I am "photo decent" (which, let's be honest, is not every day at this point), I forget to ask Jake to take a picture. Oh well... next time! Next appointment is November 5th. :]

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Kim said...

Congrats and welcome to the 3rd trimester!

I'm like you, and have a very hard time eating. I may be starving, but can only eat about 3-4 bites before I start to feel full.

Found you via My Pregnancy Journal.