Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{ 30 weeks }

I'm not really sure how we went from an acorn squash baby to a cucumber baby... but whatever! ;]

My midwife appointment went well. Not really too many "new" details to share; we're still keeping an eye on my ketones and weight gain (or, well, lack of)... I've been starting to get really stressed out and frustrated with the situation, which isn't necessarily good, either. I explained to Jenny that I just get really frustrated that my urine keeps showing ketones when I feel like I've been really trying hard and doing the best I can with eating more... but yet it's just not enough. She understood and just encouraged me to keep trying.

I really, really need prayer regarding the pelvis/hip pain. It has gone from the point of painful but tolerable to barely tolerable... and I typically have a pretty high pain tolerance. This pain is no joke and it makes me feel pretty worthless... I have a few good hours every few days where I'm able to get some "house things" done, but other than that, most things are too hard on my body to accomplish and that's really hard for me. I actually ENJOY cleaning and organizing so not being able to keep a tidy house and prepare meals for Jake... it's just frustrating to me. Walking, sitting, getting dressed, rolling over in bed (or finding a comfy position in the first place) are all nightmares to do. So I would really, really appreciate prayer. I can't do this for the next 10 weeks... but I know that God will give me the grace to get through it.

We got the dresser from Ikea set up and stained, and I put all of baby's clothes in it; washed, folded and organized. Maybe it's too early for me to be doing that... but I don't care. Honestly, with all this pain... I want to get as much done now as I can! But I think that's all we really have to do. Other than the few house projects that I want to get done before baby comes. We're still "planning" on doing those. Hmph. We'll see. ;]

Random annoyance... I think my house smells like poop and I cannot figure it out... it's driving me crazy. I took out the garbage (it could have been a stinky diaper, maybe) and searched for the odor... but it's no where. Maybe it's in my head? I lit a candle and the smell has either gone away, or I'm just used to it because I've been in here all day... ha.

CRAVINGS... this is probably a bad idea to post pictures of what I'm craving right now... *starts to salivate*


tortilla chips

raspberry milk shakes

...aaaand that's pretty much it. 

I took a "field trip" with my mom to the thrift store today. I just HAD to get out of the house today. I think I spent the most today that I ever have at a thrift store, but it was really fun to find some treasures. I found a toy organizer for Ryan (one like this), a fun tunnel for him to crawl in, and a little wooden stool to sit on. He found it in the store and we carried it all over, and he sat on it while I looked at things... it was perfect, haha! I got a few Christmas decorations and a fall wreath for the door. Oh, and a couple books for Ryan. All in all, it wasn't an expensive trip (and everything was half off, except for the toy bins), and it was fun to find some neat things. 

Not very much else is going on around here... Ryan is doing really well and has REALLY started to talk in the last week... I mean, he talked quite a bit before, but he repeats a TON of stuff now and it's so much fun! He has quite a few two-word sentences  too, which has been cool. "Socks on/off," "thank you," "excuse me," "get down," "all done," "help please..." I'm probably forgetting some. I'm not even sure what his single word vocab is up to now. He hasn't learned any new signs (rather, I haven't taught him any) because I've felt like the ones he knows have been beneficial enough and haven't really felt the need to teach him more. He is so much fun to be around, though... writing about him gives me all sorts of warm fuzzies because he is just such a joy. What a little blessing!! 

Can you believe he is 21 months now?! 

[phone pic; eating carrots and dip!]

[phone pic; riding his truck around]

[phone pic; testing out baby's new carseat with Lamby {"Me me"}]

And I'll leave you with one more picture... of da belly. 

{30 weeks}

Please remember to pray for me! I really need it.