Tuesday, October 16, 2012

{ 27 weeks }

Last week of the second trimester! Things seem to be flying by. Jake and I were just talking the other night about "all" the things we need to do before baby arrives. The main thing I want to do is to finish our bed room! We just have to sand the walls and prime/paint them, but finding the time to do it has been a problem lately. It's definitely at least a weekend project, if not more.

In the last post, I mentioned having some trouble deciding on the name... well, our trouble just got a bajillion times worse and now pretty much every name has been nixed due to one reason or the other. I don't remember having this many problems with Ryan's name!! Ha. Oh well. It'll happen.

I had an appointment with my midwife on the 10th. Things are well! I was measuring at 27 weeks (I was 26 weeks at the time), up 2lbs from my appointment a month ago (but still -4lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight), baby's heart rate and my blood pressure were all great. The only "thing" was that I had ketones in my urine... which basically means that my body was  (is?) using stored fats instead of what I'm taking in, because what I'm taking in isn't enough. Ketones in your urine are good if you are on a diet but not during pregnancy!! I haven't been too sick lately, just some nausea here and there... but I literally have not had much of an appetite at all. I'm not one who can "force" myself to eat when I'm not hungry (the thought of that makes me feel even worse), so if I'm not hungry, I can sometimes forget to eat. It's not intentional by any means, and it's frustrating when people tell me "JUST EAT!" Sometimes I just can't.

My next appointment is October 22nd... which is actually really soon! We started doing every-other-week appointments now, to make my appointments line up with when she wanted me to do some tests (if I chose to). At this next appointment, we are going to do the GD test. I have to eat 18 jelly beans (ugh, but better than the nasty glucose drink), wait an hour, and then she'll do a finger poke to take a blood test. I don't remember what number it needs to be under (140 or something?), but with my last pregnancy, it was 91... so I'm not worried about it.

Still having quite a few BH contractions... since like 20 weeks now, I think? My midwife said that she wasn't concerned so much with the number of them, but more so if I was having bleeding or if they started to get really intense. Well, I dunno what "really intense" means, but some of them have been pretty uncomfortable! Not painful, and manageable, but not the most comfortable thing, either.

The midwife's assistant, Kate, started phasing out of being a student with Jenny and started working with a midwife who had a busier practice. Kate will still likely be at the birth as Jenny's assistant, unless Jenny has a new student by then. I hope Kate will be able to be there! It's just nice to have developed some sort of relationship with people so I KNOW them and know who will be there.

I'm getting so very excited about a home birth!! All the little details are falling into place and it's just very exciting!! We need to get going on ordering the birth tub and the supplies... not sure how long shipping will take for that stuff.

Nap time... hooray!!

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Sarah Avila said...

We are having a hard time with names too. We aren't finding out the gender, so we have to come up with two names. I think we have decided on a girl's name, but the boy name is giving us trouble.

How is it that you get to eat jelly beans for your GD test?!! I hate that drink; jelly beans sound like a much better option.

Thanks for linking up; enjoyed reading your update!