Tuesday, December 11, 2012

{ 35 weeks }

35 weeks! Being 35 weeks is a fun thing... because not only am I 35 weeks, but I have 35 days until my "due date." Obviously being "due" doesn't mean baby will come then. Baby might not even come for up to two weeks after that! So it could be a little while yet. But the 35/35 milestone is kind of a fun one. Maybe it's because I didn't really "feel" all that pregnant until more recently, but I really feel like this is flying by. It's probably also because Ryan keeps me majorly on my toes, though, too... so I don't really have a lot of time to sit around and just think... and wait...

Best moment this week: Watching my belly twist and turn with the crazy movements of this little one! That's a "best moment" pretty much every day, though.

Prayer requests: Just the same thing as always... ;] The severe nausea and SPD pain. The pain has been excruciating and makes sleeping quite difficult. I hate taking medication and have yet to do so for this (even though I feel like the pain has been way more than enough to "justify" it)... I usually just try to "tough it out."

What scripture is speaking to you this week?: John 16:21 ~ "When a woman is giving birth, she has sorrow because her hour has come, but when she has delivered the baby, she no longer remembers the aunguish, for the joy that her child has been born into the world."

Baby's growth?: He/she seems to be measuring right on target. I'm curious to know how big this babe will be...

Symptoms?: Um, everything! Nausea, SPD, sleeplessness, peeing a bajillion times a day/night, braxtion hicks... the works! But it's SO WORTH IT! ...even though it sucks. A lot.

Medical stuff?: Nothing to report. I didn't have an appointment this week, though.

Weight gain (or loss)?: Still below my pre-pregnancy weight. Don't worry, I'll gain it all back when I start nursing. *rolls eyes*

Cravings?: Today I craved a salad for lunch, so I ate one. I regretted that. Soo... my cravings don't really usually seem to be good ideas... like, ever.

What made you cry this week?: We had a huge snowstorm (~14"), and Jake was gone from Saturday night until Monday night doing snow removal. I'm getting pretty "husband-needy" as I seemed to at the end-ish of my pregnancy with Ryan... so it was hard not having him around. Especially because Ryan is here now! Anyway. I like my husband a lot. And I like it when he is home. :]

Maternity clothes?: ...what are those? I actually do have a few maternity shirts, but I still wear all my regular stuff.

Movement?: OFTEN, but mostly in the evenings or early morning. Baby is DEFINITELY head down and likes to twist and turn his/her head into my pelvis. It's such a weird feeling...

What I miss?: Feeling NORMAL. I miss feeling healthy, hungry, and like I could run around all day with my little guy outside.

What I'm looking forward to?: ...see above ;] I'm so ready for this wee one to be here! When baby is ready, of course. And I'm excited to nurse again. I'm determined to have a better beginning than Ryan and I did, and I feel really confident.

And finally... this is pretty much me right now:

Thankfully, since the beginning of my pregnancy, I have had the "Mission: Organization" going and had a goal to organize my entire house before the baby was born. You can look at a few of my past posts to see how that has gone. We just have to finish the attic and the office, and then we're DONE. So, there really isn't much to do... but I still feel like I have to clean things over (and over) again. Nesting much? ;]

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