Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pray for Kenya!

This blog post will be short; we just have one specific prayer request and we'd like to ask you to join us as we lift it up before the Lord. Some of you may know that Kenya is voting on a new constitution tomorrow. This is a pretty big deal for Kenya, and we're asking that you would pray for protection for everyone who is here during this time. Many people have left their homes for fear of violence. We're not too worried about the area that we are in [we live near a military base], but prayer for protection is always a good thing. God has His hand on us and will protect us however He sees fit... His will be done! The results should be announced sometime on Friday.

Our students are on their week-long break at their homes right now, so please also pray for protection for them and their families as well. If things do get sketchy around here, we'll let them stay at home longer if it isn't safe to travel. We hope for them to come 'home' to resume classes for our final term on August 8th.

We'll update you as we are able. Our internet expires tomorrow and we might not be able to renew it for a week or so if we can't travel. Thanks for praying!