Tuesday, October 2, 2012

{ 25 weeks }

Hello 25 weeks :]

Things have been going well... hence the lack of updates, because things have been "boring"! I don't have an appointment until the 10th. After that, we start going to bi-weekly appointments, so then maybe I will have some things to talk about. It's a little early to do the bi-weekly appointments, but we are doing it this way to make things line up the right way for when she wants to do some tests and things.

I have been having a LOT of braxton hicks contractions lately, though, and they've been annoying! I really do think I do too much some days, and they could be caused by that... but also not drinking as much water as I really should be. I'm trying to keep a full bottle of cold water near me at all times to make it easy to stay hydrated. Yesterday I made myself sit on the couch and not do anything (but play with trucks and read books with Ryan, of course!) because I felt like I was having too many. I figured resting and hydrating myself would help, and it did. If it wouldn't have gotten better, I probably would have called my midwife. But it's fine for now.

Baby names... oy! I'm pretty sure this child just won't ever have a name. I mentioned a name to Jake last week and it's been "the one" for him since. I feel like it's too popular, though... so I don't know. Ryan turned out to be a more popular name than I thought it was going to be (#25), although we don't have anyone in our friend group with that name at all. There are a few other names I like (that Jake doesn't really care for), but I keep trying them out on him in hopes that he will maybe soften up to them. Give me suggestions, I'm all ears! We try to avoid super popular names and we really don't like "trendy" names... but we'd like to stay away from super old names, too.

Ryan seems to be really excited about the baby in my tummy. We'll see if that excitement lasts once baby is outside of my tummy ;) He gets mad when I don't let him lift up my shirt to pat my belly, haha! He likes to give the baby kisses and hugs. I tell him, "The baby is hiding! But soon the baby will come OUT!" Then he runs around and says "Out, out, out, out."

I don't know if I'm really seriously "nesting" (because some say that is an indicator of labor, which is definitely not right around the corner for me), or if I just like being prepared and looking at baby things... but I have a serious itch to wash all the baby clothes and put them into the dresser. We bought a small, unstained dresser at Ikea recently (did you know they have unstained furniture now?! So you can stain it to match your decor!!) and Jake just needs to assemble it for me so I can fill it with baby fluff. The only other thing that we "have" to buy is a car seat, since I sold Ryan's that was a travel system (we hardly used the stroller). I'd really like to figure out cloth diapers, too, but I suppose I don't need to rush on that because I don't plan on using them right away anyways.

That's all for now. Ryan is napping and will probably wake up soon... we just had a stretch of sleeping really horribly (and I'm talking that I maybe got three random hours of sleep per night for 8 days in a row) because he is teething... and I think things are kind of getting back to normal again. Thankfully! I felt so bad for him, and I was getting to be absolutely exhausted. Anyway, we're going to go outside and play in the leaves with the kitties after lunch. It is SO BEAUTIFUL outside!

Haha, speaking of... I just heard him over the monitor ;)

[25 weeks]


Chantel said...

So adorable. <3

Also, funny thing that just happened. I was reading away enjoying your post, when suddenly your music started playing. Didn't realize my volume was up all the way and jumped clean into the air out of my seat. LOL! ( Like the song though. ;) )

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Out out... Too cute!! Can't wait to hear the name!! :)

Cassie Deputie said...

Super excited for you!!! yay!!