Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Homemade Ice Cream in a Baggie

I found a fun blog recently (okay, a LOT of fun blogs!) and this one had a super simple recipe for home made ice cream in a baggie. Not gonna lie, I do have store bought ice cream in my freezer (per the hubby's request), but some of the ingredients aren't so friendly looking! Plus we all know how yummy home made ice cream is. This recipe is for a single serving of ice cream, made individually... a fun thing for kids to do (or a SAHM who just needs something to do, haha...). 

Check out this blog article for the recipe, along with pictures! I made some yesterday but it's back in my freezer, though, minus three bites ;) I like to savor my treats since they are few-ish and far-ish between. ;)

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Cassie Deputie said...

This is totally awesome! I am going to do this tonight!
YOu could easily make organic ice-cream whenever you want it with this recipe! I love it! I am going to post it on my blogg too! :)

Thanks so much for sharing