Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby and Toddler Leg Warmers { tutorial }

"Baby Legs" (I think that is a registered trademark, so pretend I didn't say it) are like little leg warmers for babies. They are perfect for use with just a onesie... they make diaper changes and potty trainer easier (quicker access) and protect those tender knees when learning to crawl. You can buy them online, but at $12+ a pair... they are definitely not in my budget! :] So I found a tutorial to make them.

I looked in the "little boys" section for some long socks but couldn't find any... boo. So I wandered over to the girl's section, and was blinded by a huge variety of rainbow covered socks. Like a huge display of them.

Side note: am I the only one who is "annoyed" by the amount of boy clothes vs girl clothes at stores?? I guess "annoyed" is a strong word because it's not like I enjoy shopping anyways.

Carrying on...

I picked out the least girly socks I could find from the girly sock section... but I decided they were still pretty girly. So I'm going give them to a friend of mine (shhh, don't tell her!) who is having a baby girl in around the beginning of November. It's like the perfect time to have cute little leg warmers... she can wear them just with a onesie, or under a skirt a pair or shorts for a cute layered look... oh, it's going to be so much fun for my friend to dress up a little girl!

Another side note: YES, boys can wear leg warmers too... look how cute this little guy is from the Baby Legs website! (although I think MY son would be sweating buckets wearing the shirt + sweater + vest combo )

Anyways. HERE is the tutorial for the leg warmers. I put one of the pairs I made on Ryan, just to test them out... they are pretty much super cute. 

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