Friday, July 22, 2011

[ five month stats ]

Ryan may be look petite, but he certainly is gaining weight now! He's been pretty steadily gaining a pound a month for the last 2-3 months. I think he looks "small" because he is so LONG... this boy is going to be tall like his mama!! 

five month stats:
a whopping 14lbs
26 1/2" long
That's a pound and a half in a month and a half. :] He slowed down a little bit with his height... but he HAS grown 5" since he was born... that's a lot! Don't ask me about percentiles and all that jazz because I only take him in to get weighed and it wasn't an actual pediatrician appointment. Plus I think those charts are dumb anyways. :]

Here's some eye candy! :]

 ["MOM! Pulll-eeeeeze give me the camera?! I need a chew toy!"]

 ["Almost got it...!]

 ["You know you want to give it to me. I'm so CUTE!"]

["Fine. I'll eat your fingers instead."]

[so blurry; but isn't that just a face you just want to kiss all over?!]

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Mrs. T said...

He is so beautiful! :)