Thursday, July 21, 2011

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I've been missing Kenya lately. A LOT. So today for ETC, I'm posting some "oldies but goodies" from our time in Kenya in 2010.

My husband and I were working at a discipleship school with another couple from our church. The discipleship program was for high school graduates. They would come to live with us on the farm for 10 months, and they would work on the farm to pay for their stay. After devotions and breakfast, the students would either work in the garden or take care of the animals. After a break or two for tea, lunch was eaten and then the classes would start. We had two 2 hour classes a day on various spiritual topics. Occasionally Jake and I were able to take the students out on mission trips. Well, they more so took US... it was obviously less of a cultural shock for them than for us!

Anyways, we had a commitment to be there for 11 months, but because I was so sick with this guy, who is now 5 months old:

[grumpy mc. grumperson]

...we had to come home early. I was very sick and we weren't sure if he was being affected in any way... we drank a lot of random water and ate a lot of food that we hadn't prepared. What else are you supposed to do on a mission trip when these people give you all that they have? You eat... you drink... and you pray!! Thankfully, our baby was not in danger... and my sickness lasted for a couple weeks before I felt sick solely from the pregnancy.

Anyways, our experience there was a blast... but it was very hard, too... and we learned so much. I miss so many things about it.

[on a mission trip in meru, kenya. 17 weeks pregnant]

 [my good friend phillister (a student leader) and I]

[all of the girls at the school; I was 25 weeks pregnant here]

 [me and one of the students, mary]

[with one of my little friends on the farm; this guy died the next day... wah!]

All of my blog entries with Kenya pictures have been tagged, so if you'd like to see some more photos, you'll be able to find them mostly under either "Africa" or "photography" in my labels or other random African-sounding labels... ha!

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Wendy said...

What an amazing experience. I can see why you are missing it!

Kara O said...

Looks like an AMAZING experience! Thanks for sharing!

The Frenchs said...

What a beautiful thing to know you've already carried your babe around the world!

Jessa said...

What an amazing journey and an adorable boy! Thanks for sharing these.

Our Family of Four said...

He is adorable and what a wonderful trip!

Mommy Girl said...

adventure of a lifetime! I'm sure you'll return one day

Sarah Kuhn said...

Great memories. I know what it is like to miss somewhere you have been. We were in Japan for 3 years. Sometimes I miss it and that time in our life so stinking bad! Good for you for trying!