Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{ 38 weeks } hello, goodbye!

[I think that "weight average" listed above is ridiculous... 9.2lbs at 38 weeks? Goodness, I hope not!]

This week I'm saying hello and goodbye to a few things. The most important/exciting thing so far...


I wouldn't say I'm eating as much as a normal, 38 week pregnant woman should. But considering how little I've been able to eat the last nine months, eating at least one full ("full" is probably a stretch) meal a day + snacks is a drastic change for me! I'm actually hungry sometimes now! It's kind of exciting for food to actually sound good. I'm still dealing with nausea on a daily basis but at least now I'm able to eat some. I'm browsing Pinterest at the moment... this is a big deal that I can look at {most} food without feeling like death.  I'm still trying to eat least make a small protein shake when I'm not feeling well enough to eat.

I'm sad that I have had to say...


Up until now, I've been able to sleep on my stomach at night time... but it's actually not comfortable anymore, unless baby is in some random position. I'm glad to have been able to enjoy it this long, but am sad  to see it go! 



It kind of stinks to have energy and not be able to use it (because of the hip/pelvis pain), but it's nice to not be absolutely exhausted allll of the time. I'm in a better mood and that's always a good thing :] 



A lot of people tell me that because I don't have a huge belly, bending over should really be no big deal... but it totally is! Considering I have the same sized baby in me that may be in you, except mine is squished up all in my internal organs, does not make it easier to bend over... let's get this fact straight ;] Baby definitely protests hardcore if I bend over for too long.

Everything seems to be going well. Minus the fact that I, well, haven't had the baby yet ;] I know, I know, I'm just setting myself up for disappointment to already be SO anxious over the birth of this child. I fully expect to go to my "due date" and maybe well over it. I try to look at it this way: if I'm pregnant to the last possible point that they will "let" me be, I won't be pregnant longer than a month. I try to think of this as a positive thing... but I usually have to grit my teeth to say it ;]

This pregnancy is pretty different than Ryan's... the sickness is the same, but the hip/pelvis pain is new this time around. Also, I've been basically in "pre labor" since the 28th of December. With Ryan, I didn't really have any "signs of labor" until my midwife did a membrane sweep and I went into labor that night. This time...

Contractions? Check.
Back pain? Check.
"Digestive issues?" Check. 
Nesting? Check. 

Baby? Not yet.

Predromal labor is common and can be annoying, but thankfully, it's not "in vain." Maybe my body is doing all this piddly stuff now, and we'll have a super fast (but not TOO fast!) and easy delivery when the time comes. That would rock.

Thankfully, God knows the time and day that this baby will be born... and I can rest in that! I try to remind myself how wonderful this time is, a time I will never be able to get back. I really do enjoy feeling baby's movements inside of me; it's probably my favorite thing. Although I am anxious to meet this little one face to face, I'm trying to be content with the timing of everything and that this is precious time. 

{38 weeks}

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Wholesome Womanhood said...

I know how difficult prodromal labor is. I had it for 3 weeks...and she was finally born last Sunday. It was a 5-hour labor though so I guess I got a lot of the "work" done before labor started. :-)

Praying for you these final weeks...