Monday, August 6, 2012


Ryan is a banana-holic. Seriously, it takes him an average of only 2.74 seconds after he wakes up in the morning before he asks for a banana. And then he continually asks throughout the day. He LOVES them. I'm not really so sure what's to love about 'em. I mean, I like them... they're bananas, they're okay. But I don't understand his obsession. I guess that's alright. :]

Ryan has his first banana experience when he was 6 months old. We did "baby led solids" (which you can read about in my previous posts, here and here)... he liked them from the start. But recently, within the last, oh... 6 months or so... he has become OBSESSED.

[6 months old]

I just stumbled across this on YouTube... it's a short clip of the Minions from the movie Despicable Me (which I have not seen, so I cannot vouch for!). I honestly don't know if this was part of the movie (I don't think so) or just a short clip someone made, or an "extra." But it definitely described Ryan's love for bananas to a T. I was giggling the whole way through!! 

and here is a short video of Ryan... sorry, it's sideways. It took 24 minutes to upload so I don't wanna do it again the right way ;) Just turn your head... or your computer!!

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