Friday, August 17, 2012

{ 18 weeks }

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This is my reaction to being 18 weeks:

18 weeks... already?! Pretty sure I was just peeing on sticks and video taping Jake's reaction. And here we are, almost half way! I think it feels like it's going so fast because there is a "weekly countdown." If I only counted months, it probably wouldn't feel like it's going by so fast! 

Right now, at 18 weeks, the average baby is the size of a sweet potato:

Things are going well. I had an appointment on Monday and it went great! We were able to hear the baby's heartbeat this time (since baby was too wiggly last time), which was fun! Even though I'm not "showing," I'm still measuring at 18-19 weeks. You can definitely see a little belly when I lay down on my back. I'm still able to sleep on my stomach, which is good, because that is how I always sleep until I just can't any longer. ;]

My midwife thought my bruise was the craziest thing! She thought I was going to have some scary story to tell along with it... but no, I only had a simple tale... she said it was the worst she has seen from a blood draw. Hopefully I won't bruise so bad next time! I'm not sure why it took so long to heal (it's still healing)... my blood work all came back wonderfully so there's no concern there.

She is going to call the sonogram place and have them call us to schedule an appointment, probably around my 20th week. I'm very excited! I've gone back and forth on getting one done... I've read some pretty interesting articles about the pros/cons of ultrasounds and that there might be potential dangers... but I'm still on the fence about it all. I guess I just don't really know. So as of right now, we're going to do it but I want it to be done quickly... just checking on the major organs and development and stuff.  Ryan's ultrasound here in the States was oober long, like almost an hour... but I think a lot of that was just dinking around for fun. I'd rather just check on things and then be done this time.

Everything else was good... I gained a pound, but lost 6 last time... so I'm still -5. Fine by me. :] BP and everything else were good, too. Praise Jesus for a healthy pregnancy! The last two weeks have been pretty good sick wise, minus a few days here and there.

I was also finally able to get in to see my chiropractor friend this week... what a blessing! It was painful to be adjusted but I feel better today. She said she didn't doubt that I was having muscle problems as well as the sciatic pain... I was VERY tight. She wants me to come in again early next week and she gave me some exercises to do (which reminds me... I should DO them, haha!). Hopefully this will get things in the right place and will help the sciatic nerve pain.

My favorite things right now: 

...notice a trend? ;] I like mint.


...can you say "YUM"?!


My Infertile Confessions said...

WHAT!?!?! where have I been?? I had no idea you were pregnant! CONGRATS!!!! Were you trying? Surprise?? LOVE IT!

Sarah Avila said...

It's amazing how some days it feels like the pregnancy is flying by; and then there are the days when it feels like you've been pregnant forever.
Glad things feel like they are moving quickly for you.

Not showing? Wow, I'm 22 weeks and probably look for like 32!! It's neat to see that every pregnancy really is different!

Since you aren't in the states, where are you living right now?

Thanks for sharing!