Wednesday, July 25, 2012

{ 15 weeks }

I'm 15 weeks pregnant this week... and I felt the baby move for the first time!! I had been questioning it for the last week, whether it was really baby or not... and this time there was no doubt. Of course I haven't felt him/her since, but that's okay... there's still a lot of room in there for the little orange-sized baby to move around!

I'm linking up with My Joy-Filled Pregnancy's Pregnancy Journal... she posts each week about her pregnancy and allows other pregnant mamas to link up to her blog and share about their pregnancy experience. All along the way, she hopes that we will go to other pregnant mama's blogs and encourage them and pray for them. She posts a list of questions to answer each week... since this is my first time answering them, I'll probably copy/paste the whole list, but I won't answer all of them every week since they'd be the same answer.

How far along are you? ~15 weeks... I'm not giving specifics because this time I'm not telling people my due date... HA! 

Best moment this week? Snuggling with Ryan on the couch in the early mornings.

Prayer requests? I've still been pretty sick, which can be both easier and harder when there's another little one to take care of. It's nice to have have the distraction, but it's also hard when you feel so awful. Jake is working a lot, too, so I'm trying very hard to have the energy to be a caring wife and make dinner most nights... but doing anything besides getting dressed (if I'm lucky), reading the same book 300 times over to Ryan, or picking raisins out of the couch is pretty exhausting most days. 

What scripture is speaking to you this week? In all honesty, I haven't been in the Word nearly as much as I should. And I don't pray as often as I should, either. But the first step is to see that and understand it needs to change, right? So I'm going to make more of an effort to "pray continually" and refresh myself in the scriptures more than I am. 

Baby's growth? Baby is the size of an orange this week, supposedly... 4.0 inches and 2.5oz. These fruit/veggie comparisons always throw me off... maybe I buy ginormous oranges, but these never seem too accurate ;] 

Symptoms? Sick, sick, sick. I feel super nauseous more often than not. I've been getting a few more headaches, lately, which is different than when I was pregnant with Ryan... my headaches went away then! But I think the heat gets to me, and it's definitely worse when I don't drink enough water. And that's my reminder right there... *guzzles water*

Medical Stuff? My midwife tried to draw my blood at my last appointment, but my veins weren't too cooperative, so she's sending me to a lab to have them done. I just have to have it done by my next appointment (August 13th). Other than that... nada!
Weight gain (or loss)? I was down 6lbs in between my last two appointments (3 weeks apart), probably mostly due to having the flu, but it doesn't help that I'm just not able to each much. I think I might be down a few more pounds even now... so I'm not sure what she'll want me to do. 

Cravings? Food Aversions? I don't really have any cravings, but I definitely have aversions. I don't want anything hot (unless it's soup, which has been my main source of calories lately...), heavy, or tomato-y. Hot coffee definitely makes me sick, but I really only drank it because I liked it (not for the caffeine), so I've been fine doing without. Basically... nothing sounds good, ever. Unless there is the rare occasion that something does, and then it goes away as soon as I've made it. AHHH. 

What Made Me Cry This Week? Well it wasn't this week, but it was last week... as I was rocking Ryan to sleep, I just got this horrible feeling that all my special moments with Ryan were over and that I would never have any ever again! He was sleeping in my arms and I just bawled. I guess the emotions of preparing for our 2nd are harder than I anticipated. I know there will be change, but change is hard for me... even if it's for good reason! 

Sleep? When Ryan sleeps, I usually sleep pretty well... but he's teething right now, and is a drooling, sneezing, watery mess and he just isn't able to rest very well at night. Thankfully he started mostly sleeping through the night last month, so more often than not, he sleeps well. Just not right now :] 

Maternity Clothes? Nope... and since I've lost weight, I don't think I'll be in them for a while. I didn't wear them at all with Ryan so we'll see how I carry this one... 

Gender? We plan to find out, but we won't be telling anyone ;] That was our compromise. I wanted to find out, but Jake was on the fence... his stipulation was that if we find out, we can't tell ANYONE. I guess I'm fine with that rule as long as *I* get to find out ;] 

Movement? Like I said earlier, I felt the baby move for the first time this week!! So exciting!! 

What I miss.... being outside! The heat makes it unbearable for me, so we stick indoors most of the time. It just makes me feel so much more sick when I'm hot and sticky. I'm so excited that a majority of my pregnancy will be in the fall; I LOVE FALL and we will be outside as much as we can :] And the garter snakes will be gone then, too... YAY! 

What I'm looking forward to.... feeling the baby move more :] 

Something I'm Excited About.... . getting a printer this week! Now I get to print labels and calendars and meal plans and grocery lists and get organized... I'm so excited!! 

...I think that's all for now! :] No "pregnancy photos" yet as I'm not really even showing... at all... and the one photo I have isn't really blog appropriate, ha. So you'll have to wait. ;]


elaine said...

Hi Laura, just found your blog, im 15wks this week as well but am over in Ireland x

Kate said...

I had those same feelings with each of the kids, but the joys that comes with each is amazing! God still provides special moments with each child. You may also want to consider 'dating' each child. We do that and we all cherish it.