Saturday, February 4, 2012


On Sunday, January 29th, we had a family party for Ryan at GiGi and Grandpa Jim's house. Our day had an interesting twist to it: Ryan's first trip to the ER.

During lunch, I noticed that he wasn't signing "please" and "more" like he usually does. I didn't think much of it; I just figured he was being kind of reserved in front of people. After lunch, I saw that he wasn't using his right arm at ALL... and that it was completely limp to his side. He "seemed" okay, other than being a little more anxious about being away from me than normal. I looked at his arm closer, and his finger, hands, elbow and shoulder were all swollen. Jake and I decided that we should take him in to Urgent Care. We didn't know if it was dislocated or if it was broken... so we put the party on hold and we took him in.

Long story short: it was only dislocated. "Only" is kind of a silly word here (it was extremely painful for him to get his elbow put back in), but we are very thankful that his arm was not broken or that there was infection. It was an easy fix! Two and a half hours later, we headed back to my grandparent's house to continue the party, since he seemed to be feeling fine.

And feeling fine he was... he was acting like his normal self when we got there, and he opened up his presents (well, Jake did; Ryan isn't too interested in that yet)... and enjoyed eating his cake!

I made him a modified version of a carrot cake... it was super healthy but super delicious! The yogurt was made out of greek yogurt. Not very frosting-y but it was sweet and covered the cake, so it did its job. Here are some of the pictures of Ryan enjoying his cake!

 ["ALL DONE! Please!"]

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Jess Judkins said...

awe ryan is adorable and what a good idea with the cake :-)