Saturday, February 4, 2012

{ 12 months old! }

My oh my... 12 months old! I haven't taken Ryan's 12 month pictures yet... but I thought I would update anyway, because wow, has he learned a TON lately!

I had a proud mama moment the other day... I put him on his little potty after his nap, like I usually do. This time, he not only peed on the potty, but he also signed "T" (what we use for toilet) at the same time! I was seriously blown away... he has been picking up on signing so well!

His signing vocabulary now includes...

...thank you
...all done

And his verbal vocabulary includes...

...buh [for nums]

I'm not sure on his weight/length... I'll have to check! He was 16.3lbs at the end of December... I'd say he's close to 17lbs now. But I've been wrong before ;] He's been mostly wearing 6-9 month pants, 9 month sleepers, and 6-9 or 9 month onesies. And size two shoes! Tiny shoes are so adorable...

Another huge thing: he is walking. He's pretty much got it down like it's no big deal, too. It is SO CRAZY to see him walk around the corner of the room... it makes me do a double take sometimes because I'm so used to seeing him crawling! He doesn't need to crawl over to a couch or shelf or anything to stand up now... he just pushes himself off the ground, sometimes with a toy in hand. Little multi-tasker.

One of my favorite things he does is when I ask him to go get a book (verbally and by signing). He stands up, stops for a second with his hands in the air like "Where's the book? Where IS the book? I'm on a MISSION!" and walks over to the shelf where the books are... and then he pulls one off, smiles, and carries it back to me to read for him. SO ADORABLE.

He definitely loves the kitties. He loves to snuggle them and chase them. I think they really like him too :] I hope they continue to be pals as they get older. I think it helps that we have super needy (er, cuddly) kittens. He just loves that they are all over him all the time.

He still loves to eat... I wish I had a metabolism like he seems to have. I'm not sure where he puts it all!!

Still only four teeth but he's working on 2-4 upper teeth. Teething seems to come and go. I kind of wish they would just come in already!

I think that's about all of the "new" stuff... but it's late and I'm probably forgetting some things. *yawn* This post is subject to being edited in the morning when I am more coherent...

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Jess Judkins said...

wow thats impressive that he can sign so many things!

My son Judah started walking around his one year birthday and he is 14 months and practically runs to everything, its so fast how they just pick up and go :-)