Saturday, October 22, 2011


Look who joined our family yesterday!! Aren't they cute?! We had only intended on getting one... but when we saw how cute they were when they played together, Jake suggested we get two. We both were a little hesitant at first, but now I'm SUPER glad we got both of them; they play together and keep each other entertained. I want to keep our room and Ryan's room as "cat free zones," so now I don't feel so bad about making them sleep out in the living room, since they have each other. ;)

Their names were Kiera (above, left) and Nala (above, right), but we would kind of like to change their names... any suggestions??


Stephanie said...

I'm imagining the look on Ryan's face in that picture where he's looking at the kitten says something like "What in the world did Mom and Dad bring home?".

Esther said...

Soooo cute! And good choice getting the two. Bet Ryan is fascinated, especially when they play. What about Pip and Squeak? If you want longer names, Pippa and Squeaker could work. :D

Grandpa Joe said...

Now Ryan Definitely needs a puppy!