Thursday, October 27, 2011

leading by example

Ryan mimics me sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time.

When I shake my head, he shakes his.
When I flip the pages in the book, he tries to do the same.
When I smack two blocks together, he also has to do it.
When I take a bite of something, he needs to try.
When I give him a kiss, he lunges toward me with an open mouth to reciprocate.
When I clap, he claps, too.
He follows me all over the house, when he is in his walker or just by crawling.

He wants to know what I'm doing, all.the.time.

It's kinda scary that a not-yet-9-month old sees my actions and imitates them. He is just such a little sponge, soaking in everything... it's how he learns. How else is he supposed to know how to "do" things? Soon he is going to be saying what I am saying, "doing" the things I do, and acting in imitation of my life. It sure puts into perspective how careful I need to be in what I do... what I say... how I talk to and treat Jake. There are all sorts of things I want Ryan to learn. I want him to grow to be a godly young man; one who seeks the Lord with his whole heart. But how is he going to learn those things if I am not continually reflecting them? Am I leading Ryan by being a good example?

Am I honest?
Am I dilligent?
Am I hard working?
Am I intentional?
Am I humble?
Am I patient?
Am I honorable?
Am I trustworthy?
Am I faithful?
Am I kind?
Am I grace-ful?
Am I respectful?
Am I gracious?
Am I seeking God daily?

Ryan teaches ME so many things. It's not always only the other way around.

My little sponge... soaking it all in, learning, growing, developing... I need to lead by example.

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Jessica West Judkins said...

good post. Im daily reminded of this with Judah, what is he picking up from me. Am I being a good example am I loving him/teaching him the way the Lord wants me to.