Thursday, January 27, 2011

39 weeks

Well, here's another update... and baby has still yet to arrive... all in the Lord's time!

I had my 39 week appointment yesterday. It went well. I lost a little over a pound again this week, so my midwife said that if my nausea/vomiting doesn't go away after the baby comes, then we should look into gall bladder issues. She said it was nothing to worry about, but just that the gall bladder would be the first thing they look into if I was still sick. I'm still taking the Zofran [anti-nausea medication] but it really only takes the edge off off it and doesn't nearly take it away.

Baby's heart rate sounded good, and she thinks that the baby is anterior this time instead of posterior [basically a better position for birth]. My BP was a little higher than normal [for me] but not high enough to even begin worrying about. She also said that I'm a "very very healthy" 3cm dilated and that my body is "very ready." Obviously dilation numbers don't really MEAN much... you can either stay at a certain dilation for a while or dilate really fast, but it's nice to know that she thinks my body is getting super close.

She also used the "i" word... induction. That word freaks me out! But, it was nothing I didn't already know... she just mentioned that we would begin talking about it at my 41 week appointment if baby hadn't come by then, and that she wouldn't let me go further than 42 weeks [which is typical]. I honestly don't think I will go that long, but I don't know if that is just wishful thinking or a reality. I feel like it should be soon because my body has just been absolutely teasing me with some crazy contractions and other "signs" that labor is on the way... and then they disappear. The "baby-having" dreams at night time don't help, either! I guess we'll see :]

So, my due date is Sunday. Or Monday. The 30th/31st... the 30th was my date, and I've just kind of been using that one, generally... but the 31st is my midwife's date. Only 2-5% of babies are born on their dute date, though, so keep that in mind when asking me where the heck my baby is, if I pass my due date ;] You might get a reply like, "Oh, crap, I forgot to bring the baby AGAIN..." complete with an eye roll. :]

Time to go bake something... or clean something... or do something nesting-related!


Wendy said...

I was induced with Maggie (early though). It's not ideal, but it's not the end of the world either. Most people I know who have been induced haven't needed c-sections either. But like you said, only God knows when your little one will be ready to arrive!

Kate said...

I was induced with Zach and had c-sections with Asher and Keely. Inductions are painful, but they aren't horrible. I would recommend doing more natural things to get baby going. We tried to get things going with Keely with all kinds of things, and wouldn't you know, the day I was supposed to have my c-section, I went into labor 10 minutes before they rolled me into the OR. Anyways, you'll do great! Don't stress fights labor. And enjoy being pregnant. You just might miss it (why do you think I ended up pregnant pretty much back to back?). Just teasing...

The Willis Family said...

eat lots of pineapple; my best friend ate a whole pineapple one day and that afternoon her water broke! i'm surprised your m/w didn't think of the gall bladder before now. my BIL said it's very common for women to have gall bladder issues during and after pregnancy. let's just hope it goes away soon whatever it is!