Friday, December 2, 2011


That's how Ryan felt about the Christmas tree when we put it up. We have an artificial tree, and it scared Ryan pretty bad when Jake took out all the pieces and laid them on the living room floor. Ryan wanted to be held by Jake, but Jake was setting up the tree... and Ryan didn't want to get near the tree. He'd look back and forth from Jake to the tree, as if he was deciding if it was worth it to crawl to papa.

He sat down on the floor but didn't know the top of the tree was behind him... it scared him so bad when he turned around to see the green prickly thing! He touched it a few times and seemed to decide that it wasn't all that bad.

He had more fun playing with the kittens in the tree box.

[yes, he has a naked butt... don't you let your kids run around naked sometimes?]

He wasn't so scared of the tree after a few days, though. 

And he loved sitting with me on the couch, in the dark, gazing at the beautiful lights :]

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