Monday, December 19, 2011

{ 25 }

It's my 25th birthday today. I first got to celebrate by eating raisin bran at 2:30am with my 10 month old. He was very restless and would not sleep (darn teeth!) so we got up and had a little snack. Thankfully, after being awake for two hours, we went back to bed for three... so I feel mostly human today ;]

Last year by this time, we had almost 3' of snow... and this year, we've had very little. I can count on one hand how many "brown birthdays" I've had... I used to wish relentlessly for it when I was younger, but now I don't care. It was nice, however, to be outside in 47 degree weather yesterday! 

Check out how brown it is outside... no snow!

[my friend abri made me this beautiful wreath]
[hello, baby boy in the window]

Jake, Ryan and I spent the afternoon at Ikea. We bought some things to finish Ryan's room... a new floor bed (because his mattress was too big for my comfort; I wanted something lower to the floor), a dresser, and a lamp. It was fun wandering around the store, and there were very few other people there... such a bonus to going on a week day! We tried out a bunch of chairs and beds and let Ryan explore. He had a blast. 

Other things that made my day great...

 [a birthday card from my love]

 [i am blessed to be married to a man who buys me fun wrapping paper to wrap my presents in, instead of christmas paper!]


We had a really nice day together. I am so blessed to have another year... thank you, Lord, for giving me every single breath that I have breathed, and for everything in my life. <3


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