Friday, April 22, 2011

Missing Africa...

I've really been missing Africa lately. A lot. I miss the culture. I miss the people, especially the friends I made. I miss the laid-back way of life. I miss the value people hold on relationships with each other. I miss the chai. I miss the food. I miss doing ministry there.

I miss how seriously they take God, sin, and the gospel.

Here in the US, life is "easy" compared to life in most other countries. For the most part, we have what we need [and want]... or could pretty easily get it.

clean water.
a solid structure to live in.
a job.
a car.

And not to mention all the "extras" that the average American thinks is a necessity.

With all of our basic needs seemingly taken care of without much effort, it's easy to "forget" about God and depend on him for our every breath.

I'm reminded of this today as I reflect on our time in Kenya. Life in general was just more difficult. Most things didn't come as easily. I woke up most days with the feeling of dependency on Christ to make it through the day.

I miss it.

Am I brave enough to ask the Lord to take away whatever He needs to in order to make me truly depend on him?

 [mike and jake during a mission trip in meru]

 [having a good time in meru]

 [village traffic]

 [mama peris' baby]

 [me and mary]

 [the market]

[the girls]

 [the whole crew]

[me, 17 weeks pregnant]

 [jake and joseph]



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