Monday, March 21, 2011

Sewing Project: Baby Sleeper

As one of my "I'm bored, pregnant and without a car" projects a few months ago, I found an idea from the blog, "This Mama Makes Stuff" to make a baby sleeper out of an old long sleeved t-shirt. You can follow her instructions there, but here are the pictures of my favorite one that I made! 

[my modification: gathering the sleeves so they lay neater]

[my modification: making fold over sleeves]

Unfortunately... the combination of making the sleeper not long enough, and having a super long baby has equaled out to Ryan not wearing this, even once. But it's cute, right?! :]

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Mary Fuhs said...

You really did do a cute sleeper. I found your site because I wanted to make a sleeper for a friends new baby. I love the idea of using old tshirts. Thank you, Mary from California