Monday, March 21, 2011

Doctors have their place...

...but sometimes you just gotta take all their "advice" and what they want you to do, and chuck it out the window. I had a hard time following my gut, my "mama instinct," even though I felt that all the 'interventions' were unnecessary... but finally, I kindly but firmly put my foot down, said "enough is enough," and decided to stop pumping, using a bottle, using formula, etc. I started to do what I had wanted to do all along: exclusively breastfeed Ryan. And guess what? He's gaining weight. He is 9lbs on the nose at 6 weeks old. I need to learn to trust my instinct as a mother more.

Other than for obvious reasons [benefits, health, etc], I really like that Ryan is breastfed... that means I get a lot of extra cuddle time that no one else can get with him. It's hard enough for me to 'share' him with other people sometimes... but at least I know that I'll get him back every two to three hours ;]

[photos courtesy of my sister Erin]


Kate said...

I'm glad you put your foot down. I had to stop pumping for Keely because it was doing too much harm to my body. I'm pretty jealous right now that she wouldn't nurse for anything. I'm hoping what I have pumped will last until she's a year. Keep it up. Mommy's know best.

Christy said...

Love the nursing pictures! So sweet...and makes me think I should take some :)