Thursday, March 11, 2010

Necklaces // New Address

For those of you who have our address in Nakuru, we will no longer be receiving mail there. If something was recently sent to that address, don't worry about it; we'll still get it. But from now on, our new address will need to be used. If you would like it, please e-mail me [] or get it from my parents :]


One of my "jobs" here is working with the "bead women." Every Wednesday, a group of local women come to the camp. They bring necklaces that they hand made, with beads made from rolled up magazines. We buy the necklaces from them to give them an income, and then we sell them elsewhere. We don't sell them to make a profit, but just to pay the women for their work. We also do a Bible study with the women to give this project an 'eternal perspective.'

We are currently shipping and selling the bead products to people in the UK, but we've had a few requests from the US; so we are making them available there. For the payment method; we pay the women up front and just ask that you write a check to me to be reimbursed for the amount.

~Shipping is included in the price listed.
~You can request a specific color, but it's not guaranteed. I will do my best, though!!

Single [one strand]: $1.00
Double [two strands, connected]: $1.50
Triple [three strands, connected]: $2.00

 Wire [wraps around wrist several times]: $2.00

Double Necklace: $3.00
 [two short necklaces attached]

Short and Chunky:  $2.50

Big and Chunky: $3.50

 Short: $2.00

Medium: $2.25

Long: $3.25

Extra Long: $3.50

Also available: "Very Long:" $4.25

The Kupenda is similar to the other necklaces; the only difference is that they are more small beads between the paper beads.

Short: $2.25
Medium: $3.25
Long: $3.50

The photos above show that the Kupenda necklace can come in a set of two or three. You can also purchase them individually.

 Short, shown [9-10" at coin]: $3.00
Long [11-12" at coin]: $4.00

The Mukisa necklace has a small East African coin attached to it, and from the coin hang three "dangles."

"Big Beads:" $3.50
[many big paper beads, one small bead between]

Short: $2.00
Long: $3.50
[no small beads, only paper beads. Shown here as two matching necklaces.]

Also available, but not shown:
Earrings: $0.75/pair

Please contact me via e-mail [] if you are interested in purchasing any. Thanks!!

[thanks to Juli and baby girl for being my models!]


Bison Girl said...

I LOVE these! I have a long necklace and I wear it all the time :) They make great birthday and Christmas gifts too.

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful. I want to buy heaps of them. I especially like the seed necklace with an ethiopian cross pendant! =) So how do i order them? Love you Hawkins!!

Laura said...

So, since you didn't put your name, I'm not really sure who you are... but guessing by your usage of the word "heaps," I'm guessing that you're Sage ;] E-mail me at and I'll hook ya up! :D

Melissa G. said...

Hi, are these still available somehow? They are beautiful!