Thursday, February 25, 2010

Showers: something to not be taken for granted...

It's our "turn" to be at the house in Nakuru for a break. After a Missionary Fellowship dinner at someone's house last night, the four of us spent the night at the house. Then, after dropping Jake and I off in the middle of town, they headed back to Gilgil. We're staying here until tomorrow or Saturday; we haven't decided yet. 

So, we walked around Nakuru. We tried to find some sandals for me, since mine are full of thorn holes and are very thin... but we have yet to find sandals that are 'larger.' I don't know why people are prejudiced against women with large feet... we need to wear shoes, too!! [/rant]

It's very different getting used to being the 'minority' somewhere! There are so many times when we just want to blend in and be like everyone else... so that people won't stare at us constantly, kids won't beg for money from us, and vendors won't try to sell us everything that they have. No matter where we go, we stick out like a sore thumb... and that's not going to change. So, it's something for us to get used to... and that's okay. It can be kind of frustrating, though, when we are followed tirelessly... today was no exception. We went into a park to sit down and relax... and the vendor who had been following us already for 10 minutes, sat down with us under the tree and would not take "no" for an answer!! Finally we just decided that we would leave and hope he wouldn't continue to follow us. He didn't. We went to a less busy part of town and hid behind a tree. :]

We went to lunch at an Ethiopian restaurant. The owners are Christians [and happened to be at the MF last night]... a really nice couple. Jake and I had a really good conversation... mostly about our marriage; what we need to work on to be a better 'team' and how we can better encourage each other. I can't believe it will be two years for us on Monday! Crazy. I still love him more than ever and am SO happy to be married to him. Marriage really does get better with time :]

After lunch, we walked back to the house. It took us about an hour [it's typically a 35 minute walk], but we weren't in a hurry. We hung out at the house for a bit, and then walked to Tusky's, the local super market. We bought yogurt, pickles, juice, Pepsi [for Jake], and corn flakes [not typical ones; I was kind of disappointed, but not surprised]... just a few random things that we were craving. And to be totally honest, I'm sitting here with my jar of pickles as I type... and I'm debating about finishing them off. They are SO good.

My major highlight of the day: taking a REAL shower. A real shower that didn't involve getting the water, heating it on the stove, and bathing in a bucket. Today, all I had to do was turn a knob... and wa-la, hot water. All I had to do was stand there and let the water work it's magic. Amazing. It felt so good.

Bucket bathing isn't that bad. You get wet and clean... that's the point of bathing in general, right? It's just so much more relaxing to not have to DO anything.

Not much else is planned for tonight. We have a 'chat date' with my mom at 9pm. Then I think we'll head to bed and enjoy sleeping in. If we head back to Gilgil tomorrow, we'll be taking a matatu [public transportation/small van]... definitely not the safest way to travel [driving here is like playing a game with death], but it's our only option. If we wait until Saturday, Eric and Juli will be back in Nakuru and we'll catch a ride with them.

I promise some photos of Jake and I soon... possibly tomorrow ;] Goodnight, all!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I like reading your updates. :) Thank you for posting.

Kirstin said...

I was just praying for you and Jake...that you would be able to work well as a team. I'm glad you were able to have some couple time. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Love you both!

SaschkaH said...

I remember oh so well that feeling of wishing my skin was a different colour just so that I could be 'normal'.

So many times I got upset over being treated 'special' because I was white; I so wanted to just blend in and be treated like any other member of the community.

Hugs xo