Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's actually a tan this time... not just dirt...!

I hate having to come up with titles. I'm not a good title-thinker-of-er. But, it's true: the last time I thought I was actually getting tan, I was, to my disappointment, only dirty. A quick scrub in the tub changed that. But today I had to go one step further and get sunburned while riding my bike into town and back. My face, forearms, hands, and the back of my neck... whoooooeee. I'm toasty :] And tired. And I have a headache. Allll thanks to the sunburn, I believe...

Eric and Juli are spending the weekend at their house in Nakuru for some time to rest. It's kind of weird being the only ones here in the house on the farm [granted, all the students and leaders are still here]... but it's a chance for us to rest this weekend, too, so it's okay. Jake is busy playing Monopoly with the students... or at least, trying to teach them how to play.

Jake rolled his ankle for the second time some time last week. He bought a wrap and has been pretty good about wearing it and being careful. Hopefully he won't have any more problems!

I don't really have much to say, as you can tell... but apparently an update has been requested... :] If I were to update more often, they would probably be like, "Today... has been... like... every other... day..." ;] How boring. I really thought I had more to say tonight... I can't think of anything else... boo.

So, on that note... I think I will end with, "happy birthday tomorrow, mom!!" :] Here's a couple photos to make up for the lack of a super cool blog entry...

[see the double rainbow?]

[part of our town]

 [on the road from nakuru to gilgil]

[railroad leading to gilgil] 


Joe said...

Love the pictures. Now how about some pictures with you and Jake!

Wendy said...

Yay -- comments are working ;)

Beautiful photos! How wonderful that you both are able to see this part of God's wonderful world!

Laura said...

Joe; I was thinking about that the other day... we have yet to take a photo of us here! Maybe soon ;]

Thanks, Wendy!!