Monday, June 4, 2012

Ryan's Bedroom

Wow, hello neglected blog... oops. I have been so busy with Ryan that I keep forgetting to post here!

I thought a fun post for today would be to share Ryan's finished bedroom. When we first moved in, his room was light blue. It wasn't ugly, but we wanted to make it more gender neutral since he (hopefully) wouldn't be the only one sleeping in that room. We painted it a green, and it looked really nice with the first coat... but we had to add another one... and that's where things went downhill. It was dark, obnoxious, ugly, neon... just ew. Remember the pictures from our house tour?

It wasn't the worst color it could be, but it was definitely not what we wanted. It just didn't seem like the room even belonged in our house, because the color was so "out there."

Anyway, so we did a lot to his bedroom since then... we re-painted, built cornices to go over the windows,  I made curtains, a mobile, and a fun blanket, added shelves, put a dandelion decal/sticker on his wall, got a dresser and lamp from Ikea... I think it looks very cute, and the color is much more "normal." 

We forgot to paint the inside of the closet (it's still blue), but I think the different color is kind of fun. 

My last project to do? I have a white glider that I bought for $10 in the basement that needs to be recovered... when I find the time (and fabric I like), I will recover it and it will go here in Ryan's room. This glider will go out in the living room since the wood matches out there better. First room in the house... complete!

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