Thursday, January 12, 2012

[ 11 month photos ]

Ryan is 11 months old! It really doesn't feel like it has been that long. He seems so grown up, but yet he's still just a little guy... he's still my baby! 

He got over his need for baths twice a day, but he still enjoys them. He also still really loves to eat... I can't believe how much he eats! And he's getting pretty close to walking... but he's pretty cautious, so it probably could be a little while. 

He's finally wearing mostly 9 month clothes! He still fits into 3-9 month onesies, but he has to be in 9 month sleepers because 6 month ones are too short. 9 month pants are the perfect length, but they are forever falling off of him! My peanut weighs 16.3lbs; I thought he was closer to 18lbs now, but I'm a terrible guesser. I must have been way off on my "guess" for his 9 month weight (16.4lbs), too, or maybe he has lost some... I don't know. I'm not worried because he is getting to be a lot more active and he's developing just fine. I need to check his length sometime... he's definitely taller! 

He has four teeth now. It has opened up a whole new world for him in regards to eating... biting things in half is so much easier now! Unfortunately, solid food isn't the only thing he has been biting... but we're working on it. ;]

He says: mama, dada, moo, up ("buh"). He signs: milk, more, please, all done. We're working on a few others but so far, he likes to sign "more" for absolutely everything. 

Here are his 11 month photos! I have to add that these were (obviously) taken outside.

In January. 


We definitely haven't had much winter (well, up until yesterday!). It was 47 degrees on this day... and it was BEAUTIFUL. Ryan and I had such a blast being outside! I was just snapping a few photos but decided to use them for his 11 month pictures because there are a ton of them ;] I'm not joking... there are a ton! Ready?? 

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Lisa @ MMT said...

What a cute little guy! Love the photos :)