Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{ 9 months old }

Ryan is 9 months old! We've known him on the outside as long as we did on the inside... give or take ;] I don't know his "official" stats this month, so this is an {educated} guess... I don't really feel like taking him in to the clinic and exposing him to all the sick people there just to get a weight reading!

16lbs, 4oz
28 3/4" 

He wears mostly 6-9 month clothes (6 month onesies, but anything with "feet" needs to be 9 months because he is so long).

Things he loves:

BATHTIME! Any time I wash the dishes, he gets mad because he thinks he is getting a bath! Baths have definitely become a daily (or twice daily, if he is having one of "those" days) thing for him.

{I should start putting dishes away before he gets a bath, but he loves digging out everything on the other side of the sink}

KITCHEN UTENSILS! I've been looking here and there for small extra kitchen "things" for him to play with. I plan on cleaning out one of the kitchen cupboards so he has a space to "destroy" while I'm in the kitchen.

CLIMBING! He is really turning into a little monkey :]

PLAYING "SOOOO BIG!" It's fun that he "gets it" now ;]

MAKING SILLY FACES! He's a natural.

EATING! Here he is eating home made guacamole. He LOVES it. He's really been enjoying eating in general lately... some of his favorite things right now{besides guac} are raisins, rice Chex, waffles and the rice bowl with chicken from Chiptole {complete with corn salsa!} ;]

WATCHING OUR EVERY MOVE! Ryan loves to be around people {except when he needs to relax; he likes his alone time and being in his own space, just like his mama!}... so he is always following me or his daddy around to be with us. Here he {joined with the kitties} was watching me clean the outside of our glass door.

STANDING! AHH! He doesn't do it all the time yet, but when he wants to, he can stand on his own {and play with toys at the same time!} He's going to be walking before we know it!!

That's all for now... off to love on my little guy who just woke up from a nap!

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