Thursday, August 4, 2011

{ embrace the camera : 8.4 }

i'm sick.
third time this year. 
let's just say that me and my immune system will be having a little chat once i'm fully functional.

is it cheating to use old(er) pictures for ETC? ...if so, i guess i'm cheating. whoops... my bad ;) i blame being sick. i promise, next week, there WILL be a photo of me from during the week. these pictures were taken around our first year anniversary by a good friend of ours. i love them. i have three albums worth on FB. *grin*

 (yes, i'm like 6 feet tall and my husband is like... 5'6". he gets the best view, he says.)

linkin' up with emily... now back to the couch i go where my ice water, cough drops and youngin' wait for me. i hope i didn't get any of you sick :)  


Katie said...

I don't think it's cheating. Those pictures are really great. I think it's so cute that you're so much taller than your hubby :)

Jessa said...

absolutely precious and completely within the rules. Feel better soon!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

I love these shots- so touching.

Mrs. T said...

You guys are adorable!

tasha said...

adorable pics. hope you feel better soon!

Cassie Deputie said...

You guys are beautiful! :)