Saturday, November 13, 2010

SNOW // baby blanket project

I spent the day at my grandma's house yesterday. She made me, as well as the other 'older' cousins, a blanket for my high school graduation in 2005... and I decided that I wanted to make one like it for our little one who will be joining us sometime in the near future. These are the 5 different flannel fabrics I started out with:

Since I hadn't ever made this kind of blanket before, I wasn't really sure on what colors to get... I thought I had a pretty colorful bunch, but I know for next time that I should probably pick more solids. At least I got my favorite colors: teal, green and brown! I wasn't expecting to see the patterns of the fabric but I figured more of the color would show through. Oh well, I still absolutely love the finished product! I think it took about 5 hours to complete. The blanket is 38" x 40", and it's not the most 'square' thing you'd ever see [two sides are a little lopsided], but it's hard because the fabric stretches and when you sew diagonally, things just get stretched out of place. But anyways, here's a few pictures!

I'm pretty proud of it. I think it looks really good, but maybe I'm biased. :] It does need to be washed a few more times so that it unravels a bit more and gives it a better 'chenille' look, but it's super soft and cuddly now... and smells delicious. I can't wait until I have a little baby to wrap up inside of it!

We got dumped on today with a bunch of snow... this is what I woke up to this morning:

It's pretty, it's fun to play in... but then dogs pee in it, and it gets muddy and slushy, and you have to scrape it off your car, and you have to drive in it , and you get lakes in your shoes from the melted stuff... so, it's not the most fun thing. I don't mind it... until I have to do something in it that doesn't involve making and throwing white balls, sticking carrots into it or sliding around on it on some mechanical contraption.

Oh well; today was a good day to make a pumpkin cheesecake and to throw a roast into the crock pot... the roast is currently starting to fall apart in all of it's juicy glory. Mmm.

Between that, some garlic red mashed potatoes and an oriental salad... I think we'll be having a feast tonight. Top it off with some of the pumpkin cheesecake, a squirt of whipped cream and some caramel drizzled on top... I think I might have to post a photo of the finished product later.

I think it's time to cuddle on the couch with MY blanket [made with love by grandma] with something warm to drink...

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