Friday, October 1, 2010

hard decision...

Some of you may have received this e-mail. I wanted to post it on our blog as well so that we could try to let everyone know as best as we could. 

Dear family and friends,

Some of you have been able to keep up with our blog and are aware of the fact that Laura has been struggling with some pregnancy and health issues for the past couple of months. We've been to the doctor several times and have tried some different medications to see if they would help, but we have not noticed any significant change. In talking with Eric and Juli, communicating with a doctor from back home/church, and visiting with a missionary counselor, and also after a lot of prayer, we have decided that it would be in the best interest of Laura's and the baby's health that we return to the States sooner than we had originally planned. Our time in Kenya has brought us through many different experiences… growing, learning and being challenged in various ways. But that doesn’t mean that our early departure will be easy. We have grown to love the ministry, the friends we work with and others we have made, and the students who are in the program. This was a very hard decision for us to make.

The tickets have been changed and we will be returning to the States next Friday, October 8th. We would appreciate your prayers during this time. Our comfort has been the fact that God is God, no matter what happens… He is our Constant, our Rock and our Support. We cling to those promises.

For those who are financial monthly supporters, you can discontinue your support, unless you'd like it to go towards the general fund for Camp Jabez. If anything does get sent in specifically for us, it will be put aside and the giver will be contacted to make sure they are aware that we are home and will be asked if they'd like it to go towards the general fund or to be disregarded.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us. We won't have phone access for a while. Thank you for walking in this journey with us. We will update you as we are able. 

In Christ Alone,

Jake, Laura and baby


Jupiter on the Loose said...

I think it's the right choice. I will continue that God uses you both and that He covers you with protection. Mary

Anonymous said...

I know this was a hard decision... thank goodness God is never surprised or caught unaware! I will continue to pray for your transition back to the States. Laura, I hope you feel better soon!

~ Mrs Sweets

Brittany Wilkens said...

Mike and I are praying for your safe return, baby's health, and Laura's safety. I know it was a hard decision for you two to make, but remember that everything happens for a reason!