Tuesday, September 21, 2010

// prayer requests \\

Just a short blog post to ask for prayer... after a few weeks of absolutely no appetite, three days spent in bed with no energy, extreme nausea, very weak feeling muscles, 'mental fuzziness' and dizziness, Jake took me back to the doctor yesterday. The doctor was concerned that I was continuing to lose weight [3lbs in 9 days]. He gave me two medications to try; one to help increase my appetite and one to decrease the nausea. We would really appreciate your prayers as we are trying these medications out... specifically, if you can pray that my appetite increases and the sickness goes away so that I CAN eat [and in turn, gain the weight I'm supposed to]... and that baby would remain healthy through this struggle. We would also appreciate prayers for wisdom and discernment for Jake and I... thanks.

*edited to add*

Please also pray for Jake as he is on a mission trip with 3 other guys for 6 days. They're in Samburu [aka "the bush"], in Northern Kenya, until Monday. Pray for safety and protection. I'm having a hard time with him being away, especially this week with not feeling well at all... so I would appreciate prayer for me as well.


i am a redhead said...

Praying!!!! For healing, for peace, and for wisdom! Love you, girl!

Anonymous said...

Laura, I am so sorry you have been feeling crummy! I'm praying you & Jake have wisdom to make good decisions for your family.
~ Mrs Sweets

Kathy said...

I am praying for you and with you. Thanks for sharing your prayer requests. Keep us posted.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on CFPN. Still praying!! :)

~ Mrs Sweets