Saturday, January 30, 2010

A few photos...

So I thought I was getting a tan. WRONG. It was just dirt. Bummer. Maybe some day soon...

I changed the template of the blog... as much as I loved the last layout,  a few people told me that they were having problems commenting on it. So, I changed it. Happy? ;]

I don't have long to write now, but I wanted to share a few photos. Just for you, Kelli :]

This is the house we live in, along with Eric and Juli:
The first archway on the left is where our room and bathroom is. The sitting area, dining room, living room and kitchen are on the right side... behind that is E and J's room and bathroom. The far left window is the meeting/teaching room, and behind that is the girl's dormitory.

Here is our room, complete with a mosquito net:
 [Grandma, the blanket you made for me at graduation came with us! It's my favorite!]

Here is our "front yard;" the view from the veranda.
...and finally, one of my new favorite foods: passion fruit! Before:

It's kind of sweet and sour. You cut it open or peel it apart and suck out the inside. The small dark seeds are crunchy but I think they are good :]

Time for bed... goodnight!


Leah said...

What an adorable house! I love the colors in your bedroom - the periwinkle color on the walls is so pretty :). And such a breathtaking view!

I've never had passion fruit before... looks really good!

I'm so glad you can blog so we can keep up with you and get a snippet of what you're experiencing!

Leah :)

kellifleck said...

WOW! Looks amazing. I bet it is wonderful to be there. I hope your ministry will be a blessing. :) Remember God is Emmanuel: God with us. :)